How to care for your new swimwear!

I use a wide variety of lycras, the textures and weights vary however they do need the same level of care! I'm selective in picking out high quality fabrics that are chlorine resistant although lycra in general is still a sensitive fabric and needs special care!

Some pools and spas may have a stronger level of chlorine which deteriorates the fabric, so the first step to a long lasting swimsuit is to wash it out straight after use with room temperature water and mild soap!

Perhaps you already do this with your swimsuit after doing laps and wash it off separately in the shower, and this is perfect, keep doing what you're doing, those performance grade swimsuits are made to handle a lot of chlorine and to last!

Avoid sharp edges like cliffs or uneven surfaces at the pool, the fabric could get damaged permanently by ripping and tearing.

Hang up your swimsuit to dry in a shady spot out of direct sunlight to avoid the colours fading.

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